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It is said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." There are few things more astonishing than the sight of a beauty. It’s a matter of introspection though to come to see beauty in everything. All the beauty of the world is just the outcome of our own thoughts. If we are beautiful enough within, there's beauty in everything outside to see. It's quite a thrilling project in itself to change the insight of a person towards beauty, thanks to the science of diversities among the human mind that has made every single one of us to look at the world differently. But we can be sure of one thing that even with these diversities, we are all aspiring to move towards one source of light, no matter how different our paths may seem. To bring the gorgeousness from within ourselves for the world to see and praise our charisma with the popping eyes and exciting expressions of people for which we need to have the potential to carry that required panache. This one idea of singularity in human intentions has inspired us to bring the world with the ways of achieving the sense of beauty in a ravishing way. Keeping this in our minds and hearts, we teamed up to build a one stop junction in the world of beauty - mysalonzone.com

Who we Are?


My Salon Zone was established in 2013 with the vision of inspiring people to keep a healthy lifestyle with the help of easy accessibility of knowledge regarding ourselves and the beauty around us. Being associated with the beauty industry in more than one way both professionally as well as on a personal level, we are dedicated towards bringing you with the best and unique tools & contents ensuring an up gradation in your beauty and business knowledge and thus your overall lifestyle.

Our commitment towards bringing the whole beauty world within the tip of your fingers has inspired us to come up with "My Salon Zone App" where you may find the latest beauty trends and products along with the most updated news of the beauty industry from around the globe. Apart from the best and most suited beauty and business related articles for our readers, our APP will provide below

  • Latest information regarding various beauty events happening in Beauty and Wellness industry.
  • Help you in managing all your appointments and checkouts for all your salon services.
  • platform to generate as well as find a job in Beauty and wellness Industry.
  • platform for a nice customer relationship management.
  • generate exciting offers and deals.

At My Salon Zone we provide our visitors with the hot contents regarding Beauty and Wellness in the form of regular feeding of fresh articles in our blog section. Our website is filled with rich contents that are of interest for both the people working in beauty industry as well as for the consumers and for every beauty enthusiast out there.

  • Regular Fresh Articles.
  • Regular Events & Updates.
  • Spicy stories from the past that were concealed so far.
  • In Future, We will have Customer specific area for the benefit of Salons.

At My Salon Zone we provide our visitors with the hot contents regarding Beauty and Wellness in the form of video uploads containing educational as well as entertaining content related to beauty salons and beauty industry that aims to inspire people to enhance their skills and talents.

  • Regular Fresh Videos.
  • Exclusive Interviews on beauty and health from the iconic figures of the industry.
  • Tutorial Videos from the Experts.

meet the team

expert people

Our Team consists of expert and seasoned professionals
from background of Technical as well as beauty and wellness industry.

A degree in the Master of social works, Deep roots in B&W industry with an experience of over 15 years in the field and an impeccable integrity have blended together and deeply encouraged Deepika to put forth the idea of MSZ. She is as dedicated for her family as she is to her work.

Deepika Sen
Founder & CEO

An Alumnus of the University of Michigan, USA Vaibhav is known to believe in surrounding himself with assets rather than liabilities. His activeness and get up and go resourcefulness is what makes him a hard working yet cheerful person.

Vaibhav Mishra
Co-Founder & CFO

A commerce drop out having deep roots in B&W industry and a successful entrepreneur. His profound knowledge about beauty makes him trendsetter in this industry. He is most likely to be found gardening when you don't find him glamorizing his client.

Banwari Tanwar
Director Beauty & Fashion

Rohit holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon University in USA with a focus on Technology Management. His core skills are business strategy & product design. As a Technical Consultant at My Salon Zone he drives the new business ideas & technical roadmap. Outside work, he is an avid traveller and adventure sports lover.

Rohit Mishra

Having been into creative writing right from the age of his college days, Ritesh finds words as the best way to express his ideas and feelings. When you don't find him writing, you can most definitely find him reading or doing meditation.

Ritesh Sharma
Editor in Chief

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